IDO GOVRIN – The Revisit

Cotton Goods

Dan Weinstein’s heartrending cello, Carmina Escobar’s vocal superimpositions in “The Cradle” and other distant human reverberations captured who knows where – sometimes the ambiences that surround them recall large areas such as a museum, or an airport’s waiting hall – identify this 28-minute CD by Ido Govrin, who confirms the recognized fortitude of his vision and the unquestionable impact of the fruits of his creativity in this listener’s disposition. The origin of The Revisit lies in a reflection about the methods through which a composer may generate new meaningful forms while utilizing existing classical materials, still leaving the doors open to suggestions for further ideas born from those very sources. A complex description that in a way contradicts the extremely simple but absolutely not one-dimensional materialization of these five tracks. Were I to locate familiar tones and/or structures in the music, I would miserably fail. What becomes instantly apparent is that all pieces are permeated by an inescapable sense of regret: unhurried contrapuntal designs textured by extended pitches, gentle rupturing of silence, unselfish recollections, sudden disappearances of regular notes for resounding low hums (“The Landscape”). Everything sounds intensely felt and utterly touching in this grey-tinged acoustic milieu, recorded live without samples and only subsequently edited in the studio.

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