DOCTOR BOB – It’s About Time


More bad news for your mental steadiness. Doctor Bob is back with his warped-sounding philosophy of semi-coherent cynical pragmatism in the wake of Dark Times, released on this very label a few years ago. Bob Marsh (cello, voice) and David Michalak (lap steel guitar) follow the most freakish directions furnished by extreme processing to develop an intoxicated poetry whose contents might induce an unsuspecting ordinary individual to quit listening right away. Two main reasons: 1) Excess of fluctuation inside an ocean of dissonance, in which guests such as Karen Stackpole, Andre Custodio and Bill Noertker navigate with gusto. 2) The combination of unconscious babbling, REM-phase pictorial deformation and harsh truths delivered by Marsh throughout the record. All of the above culminates in reflections on the lack of time before we run completely out of it – this writer is perfectly sympathetic in regard to the subject – and the chances that we regular folks have to make it safely nowadays (“someone says 50/50… how about 1/100, or 1/1.000.000?”, it is said at one point). Fiendish cacophonies, viscid embryos of songs and the renunciation to any kind of consolatory message certify that this CD is basically destined to be ejected from the player after mere minutes. Wrong move: it’s great stuff, produced by trained musicians who just don’t want to do something normal.

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