Circum Disc

A series of mathematic calculations lies at the basis of Stones Air Axioms, a recording born in St.Pierre’s Cathedral, Poitiers. Tilly and Guionnet measured distances and estimated precise points for huge waves coming from the church’s organ to resonate in union with a white noise generator. Given the complexity of the explanations read in the booklet I was expecting more in terms of sheer sensation and emotional response, for organ drones can work wonders if taken in the right doses at the right moment. Yet what you find here sounds somewhat rough, undeniably firm (whamming clusters shaking the atmosphere a bit), obviously designed to exploit the pure power of the originating instrument while various types of smaller acoustic events coexist. This means that, while most probably a direct experience would be next to intimidating (low frequencies abound throughout, and they punch hard), the definitive version contained by this disc appears as a certification of the experimentation rather than something destined to stay, with all the implications that one could imagine as far as psychological effects and impact on the memory are concerned. Surely those who in 2010 attended the MicroClima Festival – the event for which the piece was created – have clearer ideas and retain flashes of deep impression in the mind, however at the fourth consecutive listen I still haven’t managed to determine the level of indispensableness of this release. Which may even be a good sign.

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