One just needs to read the name of trombonist Stuart Dempster and hear the first few seconds of Flight Patterns to instantly ascertain the ambit in which the music fluctuates: age-long reverberations inside a large cistern, a specialization of the aforesaid Dempster and, among others, Pauline Oliveros. Percussionists/multi-instrumentalists Paul Kikuchi and Jesse Olsen (Open Graves) are also concerned with the act of immersing themselves into the same kind of vacuum, as they did in a previous album called Hollow Lake on this very imprint. You know, following this introduction, what to expect and I won’t try to circumnavigate the facts: this sort of setting does bring forth attractively resonant frequencies enriched by clattering metals and ominous thuds, but this is a formula that has been employed many a time now. The risk is that of a chancy mingle-mangle, putting side-by-side technically equipped artists and late-coming applicants who get lucky in locating the right geographical spots to let natural phenomena do the job in lieu of an authenticated musicianship. At any rate, despite the lack of surprises this CD remains pleasing enough to listen to. But not at truly prodigious levels of vibrating wisdom.

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