HERVÉ MOIRE – Mirage De Loire


A 23-minute assemblage of elemental sounds recorded in Oudon (in the proximities of Nantes) along the Loire, subsequently denatured and emulsified on a computer. It’s become quite arduous for me to convey meaningful words about this type of project; the intentions may be honourable, the aims are evidently different (in this case, the piece was utilized for something called “Radiophonic Creation Day 2011”) but, more often than not, the works end sounding basically the same. That said, Moire distinguishes himself a little bit: a conscientious processing method allowed him to seam a delicate tissue around the original materials (you can easily anticipate what they are). This gossamer membrane of pellucid harmonic shifts and timbral impermanence allows the music to be held close without transcending the limits of tedium. Halfway through semi-active ambient and the soundtrack for an installation concealed in between the river’s vegetation.

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