Die Stadt

Whenever Jochen Schwarz organizes a live event, something of a tasteful nourishment for our ears (not to mention the lust of monomaniac collectors) comes out of the Die Stadt owen. Today we have a 20-minute EP released in the occasion of a performance occurred on April 29, 2012 at Bremen’s MS Stubnitz. The longer track is the central one, by Tietchens: the cryptic title “10LRA” masks a riveting arrangement of acoustically pliable shapes that contribute to overstep certain limits of audibility, at the same time typifying a perfect setting for personal concentration. The piece’s physical dimension is in any case “exhaling” and never cold, though tinted in dark grey. Donnersperg’s opener “Die Schnarrmaus Des Kleinen Fritz “ revolves around sounds of cyclical liquidness and bionically cadenced constructions, whereas Köner’s “Le Bateau Ivre” utilizes a female voice to introduce a few minutes of mind-relieving superimpositions of different frequency planes, ending the whole on an “evolved ambient” level. As always, we’re well over the area’s average, and this chapter of the Untitled series is as good as any of its predecessors on this ever-serious imprint.

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