D’INCISE – Arpenter


Geneve-based D’incise (Laurent Peter) works with processed field recordings, in this case from an abandoned Polish hospital and Lisbon’s streets. The 3-inch CD gathers the fruits of Peter’s refined methods of distillation of the essential matter, which gets transformed in a pair of exquisite pieces where relatively familiar elements get enhanced by a subsonic component that attributes a special type of oscillating droning aura to the whole. This fundamental trait is exalted by raising the listening volume’s level: in fact, by using the record as a mere “presence” the attention, quite obviously, will be captured more by the aurally tangible events – whirring machines, steps, breathing, urban echoes – than the fascinating complexity of the resulting soundscape. But, contrarily to the superficial approach of many of his colleagues, D’incise is extremely careful in making the compositions work in their entirety, turning a potentially routine release into a container of human activity engulfed by skull-gripping surges of low hums and evocative scents bathed in impalpable resonance.

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