MIRKO UHLIG – The Strings That Heal The Orchestra


That I consider Mirko Uhlig a most interesting purveyor of abstract substances is not a secret, and it is no surprise that – despite a considerable number of releases – his name is not among the immediately quoted ones when contemporary electronica is being discussed. Evidently, he’s not mediocre enough to gain the attention of the official media. This 17-minute piece comprises sounds whose source is not really recognizable (unless you trust the title and guess “processed strings”, but I wouldn’t bet my house on it); the general acoustic appearance is rather similar to that of a decaying organ surrounded by bass and guitar, in turn rendered a mere ectoplasm of what they once were. The jumble of unstable chords and disguised arpeggios – with an almost certain use of layered loops enriching the textures – fluctuates slowly, without offering too many points of observation. There is no attrition, yet this stuff is not “properly” consonant, either. Using a bit of a commonplace, we could depict this short work as a soundtrack for an extremely blurred nightmare. But it’s definitely better than the fake meditations of adulterated ambient; at least, here things move. And suggest a lot, indeed.

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