ANDREW LAMB – Rhapsody in Black

No Business

Reedist Andrew Lamb aka “The Black Lamb”(sax, flute, clarinet and conch shell) fronts a quartet including bass and tuba player (cum didgeridoo) Tom Abbs and a tandem of percussionists (Guillermo E. Brown and Michael Wimberly) in a live recording at Roulette dated 2008. The level of (un)earthly strength and technical shrewdness of the four participants is certainly remarkable, and their aggregated susceptibility represents the record’s strongest plus. This is reflected in the overall mood of ritualistic enchantment that permeates the music, mainly grounded on powerful rhythmic cells and insistent patterns upon which the leader expresses inner urges with unquestionable heart and obvious excitability (somewhat cheapened by the mandatory liberating screams, both instrumental and vocal – a commonplace, if you ask me). It all flows into an occasionally sensational wall of sound – physically speaking. As far as the artistic staying power of the whole is concerned, these ears have been listening to comparatively equivalent albums for decades now, and to be totally honest I couldn’t find authentically innovative traits or specially exhilarating segments to carve the memory with. Which means that a final judgement buzzes around the lines of “good enough, but not exactly memorable”.

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