KIKUCHI YUKINORI + TIM OLIVE – Difference And Repetition

Test Tone Music

Abusing instruments, circuits and appliances is a fine art, after all. Someone is quite proficient at doing it, as opposed to many ambitious cretins willing to gain quick celebrity by filling tapes and discs with stinky cacophonies and lawless screaming. I can assure that Tim Olive is one of the “good guys”, as demonstrated by the chunks of his antecedent production heard here. Difference And Repetition finds Olive in company of Kikuchi Yukinori (pleased to meet you!) – also the label’s deus ex machina – over 36 minutes of uncomfortably unceremonious music essentially constructed on the contrasts between counteractive forces and antipodean frequency gamuts. At the outset, short bursts of acerbically ill-humoured activity are interspersed with equally brief silences; subsequent to that puzzling intro, the antithetic powers at work start applying their perverse spell, as we’re brought to endure ridiculously jumpy discharges of cheap electronic animation and shapeless pseudo-symmetries built upon low frequencies and static buzzing so thick and compelling that the ears literally smoke. On the other hand, the final track sounds rebelliously piercing, this listener almost forced to squeeze the eyes and scowl a bit to resist. The principles of instrumental manipulation get entirely blurred inside a recipe dressed with abundant pinches of intelligent noncompliance. The unexpected remains such, and does not become the norm.

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