JÙLIO RESENDE – Assim Falava Jazzatustra

Clean Feed

By now I have so many back-catalogue Clean Feed releases on the desk that cherry-picking among them every once in a while is the only plausible way to keep a “streaming energy” of sorts going. It so happens that a record like this, comprising instrumentalists that were never met to date (except for bassist João Custódio) and touching on a number of influences synthesized in a multi-coloured brand of jazz, becomes an enjoyable surprise whose mention on this blog is due in spite of the fact that it comes from over two years before. To sum things up, pianist Resende attempted a genuine “fusion” by collecting musicians from Portugal, Spain and even Norway in order to execute original compositions spiced with Latin and progressive/pop fragrances, plus a fully acceptable piano version of Pink Floyd’s “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” and an interesting vocal tune sung by vocalist Manuela Azevedo. The music is at once time zippy and conservative: no expansion of futile details, no toothless sensationalism, no wasting of time in general. “Compact collectivity” seems to be the keyword, an authentic small combo working with a level of tightness and optimistic vibe that affects a humdrum morning like a few rays of sun emerging from a darkening sky. Nothing to elicit ecstatic howling indeed, but it’s still a nicely jelled album that doesn’t ask for more than being listened to and enjoyed like a fresh pineapple juice on the beach.

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