This summer I’m bringing out a number of “accidentally riveting” albums that were sleeping in the archive, my umpteenth pitiable attempt to rescue some unorthodox relic from the overly calm sea of pre-2010 releases (mind you – I will continue fishing). Unbeknownst performer and composer in this case: Swiss pianist Hildegard Kleeb tackles a cycle of short pieces by Swedish Peter Hansen, who reportedly began working on these brief “diary entries” in 1991. There’s not too much of a description to be found about the ideological kernel of this music, which is a good thing. Vague points of comparison exist with certain pages by Erik Satie – of course – but this might be an undeserved generalization for the efforts of a gentleman who does not seem interested a iota in the typical aspects of artistic swell-headedness. The acoustic matter just lives, wanders and floats, improving the circumstantial situations with measured doses of unobtrusive appeal and apparently unplanned associations of contrapuntal colours; in this milieu, Kleeb emerges as a talented designer of guidelines gifted with perceptive cognizance. The record can be used in different ways, even leaving it in the background while performing disjunctive activities (indeed there is a recommendation on the cover: turn the volume knob down). But – contrarily to other forgettable examples of “humbleness” that, in the last analysis, result in mere pomposity – World News defeats our customary rationalism after reiterated listens, ultimately stamping its value on the blank envelope of a reviewer’s annihilated-by-abundance brain.

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