Creative Sources

A rare Creative Sources recording where no “official EAI” is implied. This polite duo from 2009 contains entirely improvised sketches between Carrier (alto and soprano saxes, Nepali flute and objects) and Lambert (drums and objects), featuring all the pros and cons of the eternal reed-versus-percussion question. Let’s go straight to the point: writers can quote as many illustrious references as they want and act like the most open-minded evaluators on earth, but a near-full hour of this sort of instrumental swapping – in absence of a harmonic component, and with essentially unvarying palettes – is somewhat problematic to judge when rage or, at the very least, urgency are not present. The musician’s willingness – as in this listener’s case – tries in any way to overcome the excessive coldness of the reviewer’s analysis, finding handles to grab in order to remain hooked to the flux of technical brilliance that both artists warrant. We’re talking people who know their instruments inside and out, so this is not a problem of illiteracy. Quite the contrary: over the course of these 20 brief chapters, a sensation of relative distance – or “lack of vibrancy” if so preferred – unquestionably emerges. Deep emotions are not conveyed, if not in small percentages. We can effortlessly welcome two ever-comprehensible intertwining lines of (certainly sincere) creativity, occasionally slightly disinclined to follow a proper structure. Ultimately, though, Nada is more comparable to a succession of graphically striking designs than a veritable blood-and-guts statement. Sometimes a bit of dirtiness under the nails is appreciable, if you see what I mean.

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