HONG CHULKI – Amplified W.C.

Ghost & Son

A 3-inch CD in a limited edition of 90, already sold out (well, it was released in 2010…) yet still deserving a thorough search if you’re into these types of sonority. Containing a 20-minute segment from an installation inspired by Nam June Paik’s Prepared W.C., this little object is addictive in its own unique way. Constructed upon a composite mechanism of cables, tin foils, monitors and contact microphones placed on the ventilation ducts, Amplified W.C. is the acoustic expansion of a bathroom in Seoul’s Art Centre (dedicated to the aforementioned Paik). At first, the proliferation of various species of arrhythmic buzzes, fizzy perturbations, minatory hums and ear-perforating feedbacks doesn’t appear to bring forth genuinely disorienting phenomena. But this is not Hong’s aim: his conception tends in fact to the extraction of a sort of kernel of vibration from inert ambiances and matters, the reiterative recurrence of certain deceptive frequencies definitely helping in exciting the room’s constituents, fusing the transonic pathology with a specific environment in completely satisfactory ways. Play loud for best effect, possibly without human-generated impediments around.

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