My grounding in Wolf Eyes’s business is nonexistent to say the least, so I cannot relate Aaron Dilloway’s most recent work in the field of noise to that cast, quoted in this and many other press releases escorting similar records. I’m doing much better with Jason Lescalleet, from whom I anticipate nothing but first-class properties after being subjected to his masterpiece The Pilgrim a few years back, not to mention the rather magnificent Annihilate This Week with Joe Colley that had preceded it.

The two sides of Grapes And Snakes last less than 20 minutes each. The instrumentation comprises analogue synthesizers, tapes and a Dell XPS laptop, thus one already has a correct enough sense of what to expect from those grooves. The music is a little creamier, in a way, on side A’s “Shattered Capsules”: potbellied synthetic waves establishing their dominance at the get-go, then a series of stages during which the bulk and magnitude of the palpitation change unhurriedly, reaching peaks of utter ferocity before concluding the trip with incisive high frequencies. The second part (splendidly titled “Burning Nest”) gives in fact the idea of a dreadful force of evil disseminating fright in a woodland: brain-clogging lows, asphyxiating droning and heavy-duty rhythms giving no break to the listener, always under the influence of a positively striking lo-fi impurity.

Therefore, no real surprise but a brawny pair of well-assembled pieces of oleaginous dissonance, now and again turning into mind-bending avalanches loaded with lusciously withering harmonics and thumping pulses. Go for it and bang the neighbors out of your earshot.

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