SR HESS + MISE_EN_SCENE – Non-Distinction

Los Discos Enfantasmes

Steven R. Hess: drums, guitar and electronics; mise_en_scene: electronics and processing.

Interesting to remark that SR Hess and mise_en_scene (videlicet Shay Nassi) propose listening to this C-34 BASF chrome cassette (…”what’s that, dad?”) “with as little light as possible”. Oblivious to this, my initial education in this context was circumscribed by a thick fog in the environment surrounding the train I was traveling by, to which the ominously booming drones conceived by the duo perfectly adjusted. The result of a long-distance coaction, Non-Distinction is not overly tangled in terms of constitution – basically, Hess played and Nassy added electronics to his work of deconstruction of the former’s raw materials – but decidedly efficacious as far as mind-numbing roars and growls are concerned, with considerable variations on the main theme coming under clothes of broader propagations and pulsating medium-range shifts, always quite grating in their essence. One might admit very generic points of reference such as KTL, Z’EV, Jon Mueller and even Lustmord, or – if you will – Harry Bertoia’s sculptures processed through some sort of grotesque milling machinery.

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