GAUCHISTE – Gauchiste

Little Black Cloud

Craig Hilton, Tannon Penland, Tomas Phillips (instrumentation not specified)

From what I mustered by surfing the web a bit, an awful lot of computer treatments shaped the nucleus of this debut album, intemperately verging on post-industrial ruination and dark ambient-tinged doomsday-ness. Materials recorded over a span of several years get reconfigured, swollen and made heavier by stepping on the pedal of humongous sonic reflectivity bathed in brumous frequencies that let one merely speculate about what might lie behind those impenetrably massive walls. An excellent job in the transformation of sounds – organs seem to come out everywhere whereas there is no organ at all – elevate the disc’s level enough, with just a pair of weaker sections (“Choeur”) coinciding with the appearance of “from-the-catacomb” husky vocalizations which get as near to parody as you could wish. Despite the premises, Gauchiste is not an excessively grandiloquent release: on the contrary, it is easily enjoyable in many of its aspects. But for sure it does not possess the gravity typifying what was heard in the past by Hilton and Phillips in some of their ungregarious manifestations.

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