VALGEIR SIGURÐSSON – Architecture Of Loss

Bedroom Community

Shahzad Ismaily: percussion, bass guitar, guitars, aquaphone, banjo, vocal, synthesizers; Nadia Sirota: viola; Nico Muhly; piano; Valgeir Sigurðsson; electronics, piano, baritone guitar, programming, percussion; Helgi Hrafn Jónsson: trombone.

Third album by Sigurðsson, once again remaining within the compass of a soundtrack (this time for the namesake choreography by Stephen Petronio). Lingering morsels of themes are disseminated across transfigured acoustic terrains, mostly consisting of broken-down electronic obstructions and elegiac purpose (Muhly and Sirota are paramount in adding doses of sentiment to the compound). Thunderous excursions in the subsonic regions get supplanted by lighter melodies that might be related to some folk tune, the whole now and then dipped – as always when VS and NM are involved – in Philip Glass-like repetitiveness. In spite of the absence of the visual counterpart – a factor that normally prevents this writer from fully freaking out on a musical release when attached to another branch of knowledge – the work stands on its legs with ease, offering several occasions of impassioned engagement (“Between Monuments” being my personal favourite). Repeating the experience adds values instead of subtracting them, usually the indicant of a well-coagulated compositional fluid; the sheer aural appearance of the sounds does the rest. Ultimately, nothing genuinely forward-looking but still a creditable enough disc.

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