QUENTIN SIRJACQ – La Chambre Claire

Brocoli, reissued in 2012 by Schole

Quentin Sirjacq: piano, composition. (Other participating musicians: Steve Arguelles, Deborah Walker, Silvia Tarozzi, Serge Rogalski, Alexis Anérilles, The Normanconquest).

A former accomplice of Joëlle Léandre (Out Of Nowhere, Ambiences Magnétiques, 2008), Sirjacq is also a composer for theatre and television gifted with a rather conservative touch on the keyboard and abounding in gentleness of soul. This translates into sonic translucency of the easily administrable kind manifestly mirrored in La Chambre Claire, an album that will find lovers of (inhale) Erik Satie, Wim Mertens, Philip Glass, Hans-Joachim Roedelius (just a bit) and possibly the late Bernardo Sassetti in his softest thematic propositions not too hard to conform to. The work is comfortable but absolutely not unrefined, though one may limit its scope to mildly grief-stricken impressions (totally coactive with the grey rainy days during which this writer approached it) and largely symmetrical contrapuntal structures – occasionally enhanced by strings and, rarely, slightly twisted by electronic treatments. If ceaseless interior combustion and instrumental vigor is what you’re looking for, perhaps this is not the ideal place; however, when the mind focuses on certain resonances and chordal combinations – directly connected with past remembrances and previous ages where genuinely frail human traits were considered a positive – this CD from 2010 is a small treat for your ears.

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