ALESSANDRO BOSETTI – Der Italienische Manierismus


Alessandro Bosetti: voice, instruments, electronics; Indre Klimaite and Valentina Picello: sampled voices on two tracks.

Bosetti listens. Not really to what members of mankind have to say, rather to the phonemes and morphemes that occupy the interstices between hypothetical meanings. Taking morsels of authenticity – bitter or less, now and again almost satirical – and gradually chewing them, the Berlin-residing Milanese artist spits compositions in which vocals remain firmly at the centre of the “score”, according to manners and procedures whose results, more often than not, push us a bit off-centre.

He mixes anti-academic gravity (for example in the acousmatic pastiche “Proust”) while hinting to archetypal Italian neuroses that are not understandable for a genuine foreigner, and luckily so. A non-Italian could never imagine that a particularly bloodcurdling howl heard in “Fantozzi vs. Dalla” refers to a comic movie scene in which the former character hammers his finger during an attempt to erect a camping tent. Against an impressively mounting mass of underneath clusters, that mocking allusion becomes something of a distressed cry, seeking release from some sort of overwhelming grief.

Elsewhere, we’re treated with exercises in trance-inducing repetition (“Our Positions”) or permutations of freeform configurations and splinters of typically invasive nervous replies, like the small pieces of unwanted cell phone conversation we’re forced to swallow on trains and buses on a daily basis (“Dolce Stilnox”). Perhaps the short madrigal soaked with reverb – Bosetti’s definition – called “Sigmund Holmes And Sherlock Freud”, replete with heaps of sloping voices and surrounding (pseudo?) borough noises, might be employed as the ideal pictogram of a composer who, in this occasion, doesn’t let the audience know where fun ends and (moderate) tribulation begins.

At any rate, this record contains large quantities of what the house calls “great stuff”. Alessandro Bosetti confirms himself as one of the few compatriots of mine gifted with the ability to send out truly consequential statements without “borrowing” from famous predecessors.

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