KK NULL + CRIS X – Genshi Wakusei (Proto Planet)


KK Null (Kazuyuki Kishino): electronics, birds & field recordings, piano; Cris X (Cristiano Luciani): electronics, frogs & field recordings, samples and noises

In between dangerously cosmopolitan intellectual quotes that threaten to slightly undermine the essential morality of his sonic art, and liaisons with both historically hyped characters of the Italian industrial vista and truly earnest practitioners of the cult of noise (that’s right, I mean Merzbow), Cris X – from Rome – seems to be perfectly aware of where he wants to go. This collaboration with KK Null – still fondly remembered on these shores for Aurora with James Plotkin – is succinctly hard-hitting and handsomely displayed. The close-packed program revolves around meticulous convergences working for the improvement of an electroacoustic storybook which contains several intriguing sketches imbued with baleful abstruseness and supernal bedlam. Five tracks comprising spaced-out drones hardly disarranged by a clever use of electronics, fusillades of ill-mannered encroachments and challenging rhythmic accretions, circumstantially spiced with environmental echoes. Yôko Higashi – or, if you like, hamaYôko – contributes to a track with bewitching whispers and vocalizations. Nothing unendurable could be retrieved from the experience; the music went on in my headphones for four consecutive times and the brain seemed to respond quite well throughout: an excellent sign. The physical edition is limited to 150 CD and 200 vinyl copies, otherwise it’s got to be Bandcamp. Your attention is deserved.

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