ANDREW CHALK – Forty-Nine Views In Rhapsodies’ Wave Serene

Faraway Press

Andrew Chalk: unspecified instruments

Having been accustomed for many years to the protracted tracks that used to epitomize his releases, Andrew Chalk’s late inclination – evanescently short glimpses in succession – needs more considerate analysis than a mere unconcerned listen, given that the beauty of the ultimate result is constantly warranted.

The typically awesome handcrafted artwork is a further welcome treat, and yet another manifestation of the Englishman’s talent outspreading over a number of areas. When the music starts, all the dots are instantly connected. Few seconds of fleeting recollection are enough to initiate the process of psychological integration with the sound that Chalk’s truehearted followers relate to the man’s output.

Headphones unwrap contrastive grains in the acoustic substance, crucial alterations in the mix levels – occasionally willingly raised until a modicum of saturation knocks at our ears’ door – and several implied “reprises” of themes that were previously just hinted at. The large part of these lilliputian dreams appears as veiled by a blur, similarly to the underwater sand that we move while walking barefoot on a seashore.

Shimmering single pitches are accompanied by strange sweeping waves; fragments of bucolic tunes escort purity back to childhood. Calling these introverted crumbles of mild grief “ambient” is like writing your name with a marker on that gorgeous sleeve.

An incomparable creative specimen.

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