THOMAS KÖNER – Novaya Zemlya


Thomas Köner: unspecified instruments

When you wake up in a cold morning and the anticipated end of the world has not happened, but it’s still utter sadness wherever one looks at.

When the picture of a life spent dealing with worthless issues and unrequested responsibilities keeps smothering the flame of hope for a turnaround towards absolute lonesomeness in an inaccessible area.

When looking at the futile cheeriness of old classmates showing their adult desperation on a Facebook page makes you feel even more powerless than you were during the high school years.

When no words exist to convey the distress springing from the failure of all ways of authentic communication. Including the closest persons.

When you realize that many people keep believing in so-called explanations, clutching at the straws of a promised enlightenment. Another illusion in an endless chain.

When the real goal has been individuated and reached but in front of its door there’s no way to find the key. All that remains is just staring, and sighing at the thought of what could have been.

When the eyes are finally shut and the echo of a remote sloping drone becomes a presence so aching that the whole body would like to start shivering in soundless crying.

When something of harmful origin is turned into music of the highest order, capable of generating flashes of intense awareness.

When the cracks in the ice of isolation reveal rays of light that might revive an ailing heart.

A long-expected new masterwork by Köner.

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