AIDAN BAKER – Closure Axioms

The Miskatonic SoundLab

Aidan Baker: electric guitar

It’s a nerve-wracking period for yours truly – though everything’s still in check, thank irony – then what better than a visit to the Bandcamp pages of my preferred purveyors of loop/drone-based narcosis? Aidan Baker has uploaded practically everything over there, so that everybody can stream his integral recorded history at will. Thus I discovered this nearly invisible stunning crystal from 2011, which – from what I saw – has never found a way to be reviewed to date.

Like numerous other efforts by the Berlin-residing Canadian, Closure Axioms was wholly devised on the guitar. Somebody’s blathering that Baker is prolific to a fault (he responded very distinctly here to that complaint); this may be an unobjectionable theory only in absence of a firm grip on the reins of selective control. And – indeed – high quality is all you get: mild-mannered arpeggios rich in low frequencies, combinations of recurrent penumbras and symphonic tones generating choirs of nonexistent voices and alien string quartets sliding across some misplaced star cluster, elliptical traces indicating paths towards a semi-sleeping state of utter requiescence. In this particular case, the music is enriched by additional doses of soothing sensory complaisance; no excesses of caustic invasions or granular alterations. Just the pure beauty of the cyclic layers, expanding and swelling with a gracefulness that we have been knowing – by now – for about eleven years. We picture a world without rough edges and human aridity, catching glimpses of Love with the capital L, not implying the “possession of someone”.

Excessive fecundity or not, we’re again jubilating for a gorgeous release that, once more, defines AB’s status as that of a mastermind in the field of guitar-related unconsciousness. The actual problem is not how many records are around, but how to find new words every time in order to set forth the salutary consequences that they introduce. This is one of the foremost outings in Baker’s discography, a top-rank album from beginning to end which literally contributed to push the hovering clouds of my turbid mood away.

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