Twisted Tree Line

Giovanni Di Domenico: unspecified instruments

Hintanoi is one of the various projects of Italian pianist Giovanni Di Domenico, in this case manifested via an EP lasting about 22 minutes. Even if classifiable in the ambit of drone/hypnosis-inducing music, Siyaha offers more than just that in its unblurred ripening. The introductory slice is that which mostly links an absorptive listener with the powers generated by the use of low frequencies, though not rigorously in untroubled fashion: after a while, in fact, the sonic matter begins to show a minimum of “restlessness underneath” through different kinds of synthetic gibbosity, culminating with a part with pseudo radio signals intruding on the cerebral perspective. This leads to a tantalizing conclusion based on gently insistent percussion: what sounds like small gongs or metal bowls is utilized to both stimulate and alleviate until the final fadeout. In today’s home-studio-with-altered-samples world, where every nonentity releases ten “records” per year calling themselves “composers” of electronica, this work shows welcome signs of moderation at least.

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