ARC – Somewhere There

Beta-Lactam Ring

Aidan Baker: guitar; Richard Baker: drums; Christopher Kukiel: percussion

ARC appear totally free from constrictions, differentiating their acoustic frameworks enough to be spared from the accusation of sounding artificial. These two long pieces, constituting the second chapter of a 7-LP project called “Drone Compendium”, possess a “live ritual” feel bathed in psychotropic liquids (especially in “There”, the album’s B side). The percussive features are obviously more preponderant than in (Aidan) Baker’s solo work, but the latter’s looping stratifications and mind-relieving guitar structures – including the tactual perception of the strings plucked and strummed – firmly keep the set in the realm of enthralling “troubled stasis”, with very few moments of genuine danger in spite of the distortion and the mounting fervor in the drumming substance. We weren’t expecting them anyway. Good-as-ever stuff by this trio, which may produce little (thus remaining unjustly disregarded amidst analogous realities) but does it with dignity and passion.

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