Harri S. Tuominen: all instruments

Reissue of a rare release from 1983 by a Finnish lens grinder who in his spare hours liked to publish limited edition cassette albums. The tape hiss accompanies all the 34-plus minutes of Talvi, which might be vaguely described as a sort of dadaist Roedelius mixed with the candid melodies of some obscure Japanese pop group and slightly polluted by Residents/post-industrial gaseous matters. The instrumentation comprises violin and homemade guitar, Yamaha CS-15 synth, melodica and toy piano. It’s very nice stuff, absolutely distant from a definitive collocation in a “style”. Entirely artless, sincere to the bone, occasionally utilizing rather stoned/detached vocals (in Finnish, presumably). Truly delightful if listened at the right moment. Mainly recorded with “doors and windows wide open”, these often inscrutable sketches carry pleasant qualities throughout, and one has a hard time in figuring out exactly why. Darren Tate aficionados may want to give this a try, if only for the akin spirit; I don’t take responsibilities, though.

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