CTHULHU DETONATOR – Infernal Machines

Self Release

Eric Hogg: unspecified instruments

There are episodes in Infernal Machines – one of them is the title track, another is “Transmit.Disintegrate”- that contain what I like very much in supposed “noise” outings: a symphonic attribute that affects the listener’s system vigorously and turns that hypothetical racket into real music. Canadian Eric Hogg enriched his debut release with this and other qualities, the most prominent ones being a bouncing whimsicality, an adroit timbral heterogeneity and a sort of ever-present pulsating propulsion discernible even in the sections that appear a little untidy at the beginning. All of this translates into an enjoyable album, useful for washing out bad thoughts and stupid issues from the mind but also worthy of serious investigation. Picture Fennesz or Tim Hecker trying to come to terms with a disobedient old computer, the resulting freakish magma filtered by all kinds of guitar pedals. Well, except perhaps for “Womb”, a satisfactory droning piece seemingly built upon city-born echoes and engines. Decent stuff all over.

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