THOMAS TILLY-TÔ – Cables & Signs


Thomas Tilly-Tô: hydrophonic recordings

In the day-after-day program of retrievals from the spirals of forgetfulness (namely from the dark depths of my archive’s huge piles of boxes containing accumulated promos) I was fortunate to excavate this terrific object. Recorded in 2009 in the West of France, the sounds contained herein were entirely originated by aquatic insects and plants residing in a castle’s moat that were left unprocessed except for a minimum of equalization. While we’re all aware – more or less – of the complexities of an underwater microcosmos, there are no recyclable words to explicit the sense of belonging that this assemblage of minuscule pops, steady rhythms, piercing high-frequency buzzes, curious parabolic raspberries and minimal conversations transmits. Tilly-Tô reports that he noticed the sunlight’s influence on some of the acoustic responses, which let this writer’s child within in awe. One sees the logic of an existence deprived of inutility; just the core of life as it should appear. Additional layers of bucolic components – the flowing of the water, the pigeons cooing in the background, the barking dogs – make us feel even warmer inside. At satisfactory volume and in the right frame of mind, an enthralling education that I heartily recommend: genuine sonic and artistic values combined with the resonance of a marvelous organic vibe, and yet often sounding like modified electronic circuits activated by a group of dolphins instructed by Francisco Meirino.

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