TRIGGER – The Fire Throws


Chris Heenan: contrabass clarinet; Matthias Müller: trombone; Nils Ostendorf: trumpet

The common ground for this trio’s adventures may be situated in the topographic point where the fluid and windy components of breath instruments solidify into palpitating concreteness. The actual physical traits are altered depending on the track: the initial “Karst” is all sustained motility and droning blubber, whereas “Anchialine” is connoted by varying investigations of amorphous spaces where the perceptual experience of a constantly changing matter remains discernible. Patterns are inherent more than exposed; timbres survive for a few seconds, then suddenly disintegrate. The ability of keeping the reins tight is an essential ingredient in this music, which stands exactly halfway through EAI and free-improv loquaciousness. The need to impart direct messages to a responsive audience is quite obvious, but the tendency to juxtapose frequencies just to see how anomalous oscillations become explicit prevails. In an ideal world, the proper adjective would be “genial”; however, the discordant factors are still too many for a hypothetical mass to be convinced. Educated noises with aurally sanative properties, emitted by three experts of the trade: not a revolution yet totally in line with “our” phylogeny.

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