YAN JUN – Music For Listening On The Moon


Yan Jun: unspecified instruments

Where “unspecified instruments” in all likelihood means a no-input mixer and a few additional liquid constituents (*) – presumptively filtered by a heavy equalization – sounding like tiny ghosts, peeping, jangling and rippling here and there over the course of about an hour of opaquely whitish emissions. The music, released in 2011, was conceived for an installation (in the composer’s washroom, of all places) and it does work in that sense even at your own home (also outside the lavatory, I mean) provided that you rotate the volume knob consistently. In fact, the frequency range – though limited to the medium-to-high area – incorporates components that will seriously titillate the sensory receptors. Only in this way we can take into account the consequences of the sonic waves on the neurons; otherwise, all we seem to acquire is a too-quiet “beingness” whose infinitesimal dynamics would not give justice to the effectiveness of the textural continuum. All things considered, an ataraxic listening experience that shows no demand except that of existing and functioning.

(*) Post Scriptum: Yan Jun kindly advised me that “the unspecified instrument is actually two contact mics on pipes and simple mastering (noise reduction and compression only)“. So much for this reviewer’s no-input brain…

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