DANIEL MENCHE – Marriage Of Metals

Editions Mego

Daniel Menche: Gamelan gong instruments, fuzz / distortion.

Compact and trenchant as always but – at least in this case – more “pondering” than “ponderous”, Menche’s music keeps acting as the bearer of concealed clues from the insides of mammoth repercussions encircled by an evil-looking aura of droning holiness. Exploiting instruments benevolently made available by a Gamelan orchestra in Portland named the Venerable Showers of Beauty, the 35 minutes of Marriage Of Metals are divided in two sides (of a vinyl LP, of course) that differ slightly in terms of appearance yet conduct the same awareness of “implied tune” along the ever-expanding masses of predatory frequencies increased by distortion. In the first half, the latter constituent comes to the fore right away – the sonic root practically unidentifiable – until the textural aggregate stabilizes into a cumulus of pestilent fumes underscored by ominous thuds. The second part shows the biogenic components of the gongs a little better at the beginning, then the processing of a smorgasbord of lacerated resonant hues throw us into the realms where every Menche advocate wants to float: that where the encephalon is rubbed and punctured by vibrations halfway through “bastard” and “enlightening”. No need to stress that this stuff delivers the magic when played loud. Another indispensable addition to a healthy concatenation of imperious releases.

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