LIGRO – Dictionary 2


Agam Hamzah: guitar; Adi Darmawan: bass guitar; Gusti Hendy: drums

I know as a postulate that if serious, solid, rock-ish fusion is in demand, a cracking unit coming from Indonesia under the superintendence of Leonardo Pavkovic will furnish much needed doses of it. Ligro are the sort of trio that – no matter what they play – always manage to let well-disposed listeners shuffle their feet; not only for the energy that they release but also because of the understandability – “musicality”, if you will – of the frequently intricate constructions they effortlessly spit out. Technically advanced, veritably whipping and sunnily unsmooth in several departments, Dictionary 2 fills gaps and connects dots, sometimes with a modicum of excessive duration but, more often, with the type of sonic healthiness required to distract people from mundane problems for a while and enjoy stacks of vigorous grooves. It’s not the kind of record one remembers for a particular track or atmosphere (though the strength of an episode like “Stravinsky” is incontrovertible) but does possess staying power and animal tissue to spare. Excellent for use during the preparation for a fight.

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