SPARKLE IN GREY – Thursday Evening

Grey Sparkle / Old Bycicle / Lizard / Show Me Your Wounds

Matteo Uggeri, Alberto Carozzi, Cristiano Lupo, Franz Krostopovic (+ guests): all instruments.

In spite of the inclusion of three covers – one of them is “Soft City” by Bourbonese Qualk, a group that had almost been removed from my systems of retentiveness – and several agile examples of misrepresentation of effortless melodies, Sparkle In Grey do possess a somewhat jocund decency that makes listening to their stuff a pleasure. If I’m allowed to add a couple of names to the hypothetic influences – or mere “blurred similarities” – detected in Thursday Evening the temptation is that of choosing Dif Juz and – in part– Tuxedomoon (the latter comparison facilitated by certain violin tones by Krostopovic, vaguely reminiscent of Blaine L. Reininger’s string pronunciation). Without apparent artificiality, just by adding cell upon cell of cyclical pulsation amidst proportionate dosages of deceptive organicity (nice use of spoken snippets, by the way), the quartet prompts us to shuffle our feet and fight existential inertia by increasing our mental and physical action. The record’s manifesto is in fact a direct reference to the passion brought forth during the act of making music; the title indicates the band’s day of rehearsal. This is meant as a solution to defeat the grievous perception of being enslaved to something that’s not clearly outlined. A sensation that is hitting every sensible Italian quite hard in the last years; it is comforting to find out that someone with a modicum of consciousness has remained on these shores, after all.

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