BRAINS – Unloaded


Drew Ceccato: tenor saxophone; Chris Golinski: drums

These live improvisations recorded in 2011 reveal two unostentatious musicians with certifiable technical qualities. The longest track – the opening “Rictus” – begins with finespun chirping and bowed/bent skins in relatively measured temperament, then shifts towards districts where the interdependence becomes, so to speak, actively entwined – always with some space for us to breathe – until the duo returns to the introductory sparseness to conclude the piece. Overall, the subsequent “Dirt” and “Gnash” maintain a slightly sprightlier narrative: Ceccato’s lines do not eschew a sort of melodic pursuit in between staccato skylarking and vociferous blasts, Golinski sustaining and enhancing the confabulation with an unusual competency in propelling the music up to levels of manifold synergy highlighted by an accomplished employment of the percussive’ palette. When the artists stand alone for a few instants of soliloquy, their musicality shines bright as a clear winter morning. An enlivening album: no mannerism, no highbrow crap whatsoever. Just agile interplay, more than enough for yours truly.

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