Loscil (Scott Morgan), Fieldhead (Paul Elam): all sounds, composition

The curricula speak very clearly about the orbits of Loscil and Fieldhead’s work, the Kranky label being the lone known entity through which I had truly gratifying experiences in the past (special thanks to Stars Of The Lid, Brent Gutzeit – alone or with James Plotkin – and Christina Vantzou). The first three tracks of this collaborative EP present rather edible melodic electronica – regular pulses, nice timbres, insufficient boldness, occasional soundtrack-like comfortableness, no trace of Gavin Bryars’ influence as declared on the press release. The second half features (slightly) more intriguing experiments, starting with the wavering qualities of an excellent episode called “Northumberland”. This piece was the one that caused your beloved reviewer to seriously perk up his ears amidst stretches of dandified predictability: it’s a wonderful mass of glissando “something” – perhaps obtained via amassed guitars and subsequent computer-generated alterations, but who the hell knows? – turning into a strange kind of rhythmically involving, if mildly unbalanced minimalism. That needs to be heard pronto, whereas the large part of the rest – surely sounding honorably decent and pleasant enough for four/five listens – is not destined to stay in our memory forever. The final “Hecla”, with its weeping string melodies, looks indeed a polite way to wave a melancholic goodbye.

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