GIANNI MIMMO / ALISON BLUNT – Lasting Ephemerals


Gianni Mimmo: soprano saxophone; Alison Blunt: violin

(Author’s note: this writing appears on the LP’s sleeve. Thanks to Gianni and Alison for including my words in their creation).

“Music, in performance, is a type of sculpture” (Frank Zappa)

Indeed, reacting to the spontaneous propulsion of Alison Blunt and Gianni Mimmo’s artistry during this impressive exhibition as they surf the all-encompassing reverberations of St. Leonard’s Shoreditch, temptations arise for a writer to underscore instant visualizations with overexploited words such as “chiaroscuro”, “shades” and “proportions”. Nonetheless, rarely you will see a “sculpture” gently fluttering around like a marvelously colored butterfly, or compare it to the sentiment of tenderness elicited by observing a couple of adolescent lovers approaching playfully, looking at each other’s eyes and walking away hand in hand, beginning to discover much more inside themselves than physical indications can disclose, ultimately united in the purest kind of communion.

Because, when all it’s said and done, the alert gracefulness and reciprocal regard through which Mimmo and Blunt explicit their intertwined instrumental togetherness convey the same sense of fulfillment that irradiates the most surprisingly revelatory instants of normality. Quietly peeping at a cat gleefully rolling on his back in a summer afternoon; meeting a little child who instantly welcomes you with a two-teeth grin; watching the morning dew slowly evaporate under the very first sun rays. One’s aware that warmth and beauty can’t last forever: at times, adjacent pitches and less cordial timbral appositions in the interplay remind us that the actual reason for real progress is given by a contrast requiring resolution, closeness momentarily discontinued as the urge of a cry of despair emerges. When the duty calls, the pair is willing and ready to show the listener how peace can be restored, nimbly sailing to calmer waters without apparent effort: a musician’s thorough control of his/her means of expression is something that can be attained only by “living” the instrument day in, day out, a principle respected as The Word by authentic improvisers.

The strength of a duo becomes palpable when a discerning individual detects innocence in their way of communicating. The Italian reedist and the English violinist have been working together for a long time now, and there’s no stopping their quest for sharing their aesthesia with audiences all over the globe. If you’re not fortunate enough to watch the lighted particles of these fluid acoustic creations live, this album will certainly help in feeling less alone in a growingly callous world. For the sounds comprised herein will smile at whoever wants to greet them.

“Music is the healing force of the universe” (Albert Ayler)

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