CELER – Zigzag


Will Long: all sounds

Zigzag is an archetypical 48-minute ambient cloud, to be left resonating very softly in a setting where listeners can enter rooms of deeper knowingness that are usually kept unopen, taking notes about curious coincidences. In this writer’s case, the album’s release date (precisely synchronous with his 50th birthday) and the tacit relation between Will Long’s current Tokyo residence and an intriguing read on the comparative importance of quotidian acoustic events, heavy silences and less discernible factors in the conception of a score by an illustrious Japanese composer of the past. It’s in similar junctures – Celer offering many of them in a voluminous discography – that we should enhance the tendency to consider most everything that happens materially as utterly futile, the correlation of scarcely determinable sonic origins and respect for what’s inside an individual’s existential principles the only code to honor. Circumstantial facts do not matter any more, a mere description of the piece’s constitution appearing as a transgression of implicit rules. We learn that this project had remained in the drawer for years and was partially influenced by the historic pioneers of early minimalism (at that time, an interest of Long together with the New Wave of the 80s), but suddenly came to life in the period preceding the birth of his daughter. Still, this music refuses questioning and detailing, existing as one of the thousands of imperceptible influences that may invisibly modulate our mood’s hues in a given day.

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