Absence Of Wax

Francisco Meirino: no-input feedback inside the circuits of a reel-to-reel tape recorder

Wondering if the title has to do with the region of the cranium mostly subjected to throbbing and quaking when certain frequencies are exercised. In any case, these 33 minutes – a free download from the excellent net label managed by Devin Sarno – are nourished by piquant buzzing matters confirming Meirino as one of the cardinal advocates of that area of music where “noise” truly becomes an art, being regulated by veritable compositional principles not devoid of unsuspectable organic qualities. You can choose to concentrate in earnest and volitionally get bombarded by the plurality of events, comprising persevering drones, jerky pulses, monolithic clunks, lowercase automatic twitches and a voice repeating “The Back Of My Skull” (à la “Come Out And Show Them”) for a while halfway through the piece. Or else, resolve to let the flow work for itself without mentally detailing what happens – indeed not that essential, if not on a “scientific” level – and realize how the healthful effects deriving from the transmutation of peculiar audible materials produce a somewhat low-budget beatitude, a condition extremely useful to push away the excesses of verbal bunk experienced on a daily basis.

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