BILLCLINTON – Dwelling Places, Holy Mountains, Suffering, And Death Rotate With Unhesitating Directness And Unflappable Strength


billclinton: all sounds, composition

We received this 19-minute present from hitherto unknown Daniel Richardson from Charlottesville, an advocate of multiple personality disorders (in terms of monikers) as far as the peddling of intoxicating acoustic matters is concerned. This mishmash of raw gemstones and curve balls was assembled over the course of a whole year, first on Sony ACID then on Audacity for the finishing touches when the initial computer became unaccessible. It’s made with massive lumps of semi-harmonious disorderliness gifted with a curiously seductive sense of belonging: a sort of ethereally smoggy bedlam born from hundreds of samples, purloined details and personal recordings anarchically morphing into something that sounds at once incomprehensible, cuddling and bewitching, but never threatening. The former president’s (rigorously lowercase) humor emerges across sections where tribal rhythms, slowed-down voices, crusty orchestras and ill-shapen loops miraculously bring forth brilliantly crisp music whose atmospheric fluctuations are a pleasure to listen to. Richardson has just begun to dabble at assembling materials with quasi-artistic purposes; having heard the beginning – decidedly more entertaining than the drowsy staleness offered by selected “names” – the future looks auspicious.

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