JULIA HANADI AL ABED – Derriere La Bobine

Absence Of Wax

Julia Hanadi Al Abed: all sounds, composition

A nine-minute chunk predominantly recorded during transits across diverse airports, introducing me for the first time to the work of a young electroacoustic composer whose creative thinking was mainly built at Bordeaux’s conservatory. An electronic drone – apparently a classic low-frequency mega-purr with shifting depths and dynamics – hides less manifest circumstances occurring underneath, comprising radio waves, earth loop, static fizzle; contrasting tones congenially pertinent to the mother hum, contributing to the consolidation of the sonic tissue. Later on, the level of adulterating intrusion is augmented by illegible intercommunications, echoes of ordinary human synergy and additional layers of pulsing pitches, a wholeness evolving in a growingly buzzing state of affairs. In short: respectable music that does not pretend to “discover” anything in particular, articulated via charmingly incisive sounds that make me wish to listen to Al Abed’s ideas over a prolonged duration.

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