ERNESTO DIAZ-INFANTE – Wistful Entrance, Wistful Exit

Kendra Steiner

Ernesto Diaz-Infante: 12-string guitar

Three 15-minute tracks whose titles form the phrase “this long moment”. The guitar is tuned standard, the resonance born from the slowly strummed open strings: unagitated breathing, the ebb and flow of a marine wash. As the mantra elapses, hardly discernible shifts occur as Diaz-Infante turns the echoing E minor environment into something like an A suspended, then to a sort of vague G at the end. The pulse is slightly accelerated, then it all stops.

Easy, one would say. Yeah, right. Let’s talk innocence, then. Put a child in front of a disregarded guitar, and you can bet the house that the first thing he/she’s going to do is exactly what happens here: a reiterated strumming. On and on and on, and then some. As soon as the uncontaminated ears of the kid start perceiving the inherent shapes within the resounding waves, the bond with the instrument as the engine of an essential inner motility is drawn.

The symbol of everything is the almost complete absence of fingers on the fretboard; they would resemble superfluous switches in a current that should remain unbroken. A similar halo connects the various stages of beingness. This album was conceived when Diaz-Infante was alone at home, after one of his dears had left this world. By immersing himself in sound, he found a way through the inexplicableness of what he describes as an “opening in time”, a stark contrast with our typical unfitness when facing impermanence.

The wide-eyed children with an unsmudged mind are hearing calls by the same force. They feel those involuntary patterns and imaginary voices expressing the continuity of what cannot be fathomed, and will forever be searching for new ways of receiving them. They might even become virtuosos, but will always return to the fundamental source. The principle is more or less that which animates the music of Charlemagne Palestine, another huge soul surrounded by plush spirits and enlivening reverberations. There must be a reason behind the meaning of Ernesto’s surname; the purity discerned is identical for each of us allied with the Big Chime.

Others keep envisaging variations on the theme of “god”. However, we’re not concerned with that. Children play, you know.

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