ASHER TUIL – Two Compositions (Summer, 2014)


Asher Tuil: all sounds, composition

After a rather long stretch with no sounds or words Asher Tuil (formerly just Asher) is back to his consistently mesmeric work, grown from the wavering traits of a nebulousness coalescing intrinsic and extrinsic issues. Without the necessity of over-elaborate structures, just by layering stream upon stream of indefinite frequencies, cottony hissing and semi-liquid whirring, once again the quiet soundscaper from Massachusetts engrosses us completely. In “Untitled (July 12th, 2014)” the impression of drifting amidst diverse stages of atmospheric phenomena is truly strong. The successiveness of hollow tones and mild-mannered noises engaging in relative harmony (except for the occasional cluster) attributes a tenuous ambient quality to the track, which in this case does not represent a diminishing factor in its concealed implications. On the contrary, the strange sense of gripping frailty transmitted by the acoustic milieu keeps us silently asking to stay. “Untitled (July 17th, 2014)” is a little more graphic in its unfolding, and comprises variations of “tonal” range and a slightly heavier presence of protrusive factors, possibly derived from the exercising of shortwaves. During some of those hesitant stabilities my ears were reminded of early Pink Floyd (circa A Saucerful Of Secrets until Ummagumma). In both episodes, Asher’s clear-sighted aesthesia and discerning humbleness warrant results that stand miles above the hundreds of hopeless deceivers exploiting despicable Bandcamp pages. By nature, this Bandcamp page is not of that kind; and, given that the music contained there belongs to the “name your price” category, you’d better bookmark it and consider a donation to support an unassuming artist who I don’t recall having ever transferred something less than spellbinding since the very first time he kindly got in touch, positively broadening my listening orbits in the process.

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