FEDERICO DURAND – El Estanque Esmeralda


Federico Durand: all instruments, tapes

Argentinean Durand has an ongoing collaboration with Stephan Mathieu and Taylor Deupree, and lists Andrew Chalk’s Faraway Press imprint among the very first links of his blog. This is Enough (yes, that’s another influence if you forgive the ugly pun) to delineate the contents of El Estanque Esmeralda, an album born from a childhood-related flashback narrated by the composer in the liners. “Small melodies” is the musician’s credit inside the beautiful cover, to which one should add depictions such as “reverberant flickers” and “decaying dreams”. The music is utterly sweet and evocatively cinematic, perhaps to a fault in a couple of circumstances; preternatural tints prevail upon any tangible potentiality. Field recordings are utilized sparingly, the hiss of ancient tapes occasionally supporting the bittersweet smiles induced by the harmonic duskiness. Not a masterpiece by any means, but an unpretentiously cuddling record: I felt a degree of genuine pleasure, almost a sense of security, while repeating the playback several times in a row.

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