Self Release

Nhung Nguyen: all sounds, composition

Initial release of a project born in 2011 after five years spent studying classic piano. Stripping the sonorities down to the most austere non-harmonic components Vietnamese Nguyen provides the listener with three tracks of reiterative noises, deriving from mechanically consuming realities and normal instruments such as the very piano and an acoustic guitar. The sources and deformations thereof were put through a concatenation of effects – methinks delay, phaser, and probably something more – to represent a marshy vision of roughness which the composer (a woman, in case you’re not familiar with local names) calls “a hidden space but not a shelter”. Believe it or not, this stuff requires a reflective mental position to be correctly taken in. We’re smack dab in the middle of a minimalistic conceptualization à la Koji Asano (less polite, at any rate) and a grim alteration of comprehensibility. However, Sound Awakener does not need to arrive at the level of aural terrorism: in “Diary”, she successfully lulls us into gray-tinged oblivion with a concoction of flanging oscillations, undernourished fluctuations and concise fusillades. I’ll be extremely curious to find out where Nguyen goes from here, an auspicious introductory step partially influenced by Debussy and Ravel (though one would have never guessed it, unless fantasizing about those gentlemen releasing albums on Cold Meat Industry).

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