Dragon’s Eye


I have a love/hate relationship with the integration of microsounds and stillness; am highly distrustful when neuroscience is utilized to improve pseudo-intellectual formulas which, most frequently, are nothing but containers of deplorably ignorant esoteric commonplaces, good only to fill one’s mouth in absence of veritable kernels. And, in the last years, I also have reinforced my theory about installations and background soundtracks symbolizing – more often than not – a dense fog hiding out-and-out artistic poverty.

Having said that, my curmudgeonly attitude was successfully fought by Jobin and Perletta’s long-distance collaboration. More to the point, the pair produced an admirable example of psychoacoustic exploration able to generate stimulating suggestions while eliciting the kind of retroactive synthesis performed by the brain in the presence of a given combination of sounds. A somewhat restricted palette of extremely sharp frequencies, digital noise, subsonic pulsation and diverse representations of quietude is finely exploited over the course of three tracks. Each segment is incisive and soothing at once, never falling into the “snug ambient” trap. The Canadian and the Italian have really done their homework (pun unintended).

Had I to give a lone reason to justify this CD’s effectiveness, the answer would probably lie in its blend of surgical precision and reminiscent profoundness. The merging of fixed tones enhanced by computer processing elicits a peculiar magnetism: trance, sure, and “that” inscrutable regret, almost tangible in sections of “Mimesis” and “Parallel”. The central chapter “Reflection” is perceived as a mere reassuring texture at first; then, after a nearly silent transition, organ-like pitches (think of the intro to Pink Floyd’s “Us And Them”, stretched and with less harmonic movement) lull us into a comfort zone inevitably destined to vanish.

Put this one on repeat play: it’s worth hours of implicit analysis, while the mechanisms of internal composure get efficiently lubricated.

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