CHUCK BETTIS – Pixel Bleed

Living Myth


No particular precautions are required for this adrenalizing electronic presentation useful to properly put the brain through the mill (which, in an ideal world, should constitute the rule for every consanguineous release inside this sonic field). Chuck Bettis’ evidences of a relatively problematic acoustic mobocracy do not offend a listener’s intelligence, for they are endowed with a stable balance between inclemency and paradox. This makes the album’s complications comestible and, at the same time, enhances our capacity of following multiple plots at once while rendering stress redundant.

It’s curious to note how the words utilized to introduce this Max/MSP adventure are “repetition” and “decay”. The latter especially would seem to suggest a sense of forlornness that, on the contrary, is practically absent: as a matter of fact, most of these bizarre creations live off a somewhat jocund pizzazz. Their propelling attributes are an expectable rhythmical variableness – one can individuate multitudes of fractured tempos in parallel action within a single piece – and the regenerating breakableness of virtual frameworks.

The overall sonance is, quite evidently, abstractly synthetic; however, individual dispositions will determine if the music, at given junctures, sounds as a crazy joke or a serious opus worthy of comparison with the “big ones”. To name names, “Scholarly Meditations On Chaos” is based on an airless pattern employed as an introduction to more inebriated locomotions. “Negative Template” is impeccable in its unadorned indiscipline, whereas “Witches Table” recalls a chain of deranged sequencers emitting lubricated blasphemies before giving up the ghost.

Learning to acknowledge the aberrant and the unforeseeable is the only way to be drilled into a serene cohabitation with diversity. After subjecting yourselves to Pixel Bleed for a couple of days, I’m certain of an improved level of tolerance for those who noisily exasperate your daily inwardness. Alternatively, ways exist to use stuff like this to exterminate hominine irrelevance. But that’s another story.

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