MOHAMMAD – Segondè Saleco



In this late August Sunday morning, cicadas are making their presence known. The invocation is scarred by the remote cawing of the local carrion crows and, at the same time, compellingly enhanced by a communion of cyclopean resonance and electronically induced undulation. “Bela Frumatene”, the first track in Segondè Saleco, is unfolding; another Mohammad ceremonial has begun. But here’s something of a slightly different perception, although the music’s essential features are similar to those informing the preceding chapters.

In spite of its grieving aura, this album seems to vaguely disaffirm the “doomy” characteristics typically attributed to the trio’s output: a distinct sense of interior imperturbation emerges from the low-frequency broadness. We’re talking integrity and pureness; we’re detecting a righteousness linked to the extrapolation of fundamental meanings. In a nutshell, everything heard digs extremely deep. Near-frozen unison and spellbinding glissando appear as elements of an unfeigned litany rather than a menace; the lone instance featuring a guest vocalist (“Sagaraki”) places that very component far away in the mix, in blurred shyness. However, the piece’s inherent strength comes forth at last, the musicians’ ferocious concentration impressive as ever. The dronemeisters are still capable of punching hard.

After a beautifully introvert interlude (“Kawas Rivero Akvo”) the fourteen-plus minutes of “Ah Ya Em Hamada” soundtrack our conscious walk through the meanders of a long-distance vibrational brotherhood. Hand clapping and ritualistic chanting emphasize the listener’s concordant tremor within the acoustic propagation. A simple structure containing the quintessence of understanding; the eyes can be open or closed, it doesn’t matter. Once more we’re experiencing the (unfortunately brief) transit across a superior scheme of things. It’s the culmination point of the final episode of an enriching triptych of releases, preserved by the memory of anyone willing to study the effects of unusually resonating strings and synthetic oscillations on a functionally responsive individuality.

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