RADIOSON – радиосон

The Helen Scarsdale Agency

The theorem for the engenderment of concoctions akin to those presented here by Radioson doesn’t need rectifications, especially when the music is connected – as in this circumstance – to issues of psychophysical abuse camouflaged as tests by secret forces acting under the radar of “regular” governments. The Russian sound artist reminds us of a time when terms like “post-industrial” were still consequential, and the usage of domineeringly droning materials was hiding genuinely bad intentions. In that sense, the four tracks comprised by this cassette will not disappoint that kind of fan, excluding the genre’s most frivolous aspects from the equation to overwhelm via monolithic slabs of acoustic griminess containing fermented voices and evoking obsessive hallucinations from forlorn subterraneans. As a means of contrast, the nightmare is rendered gentler by recurrent hints to minimal electronic currents. While the whereabouts might be more interesting to study than the deriving creation, this is by no means a light album in spite of an absence of authentically groundbreaking factors. Listening to it with an unbiased attitude is the rule of thumb; letting yourselves be monopolized by its massive roaring until the mind is not processing data anymore will come as consequence.

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