Kendra Steiner

A partnership stripping the concept of musical interaction down to its bare essentials, this duo’s sonorities place the receiver of their chemistry right into a sphere where nothing counts except a constant resonance made, so to speak, of rich humbleness. Through the exercising of superimpositions of tolling pulses, balanced touches of emaciated electronics, inspired percussiveness and the trademark cloud of upper partials that hovers around whenever Diaz-Infante is embracing one of his multi-stringed babies (example: “Labor And Fruits”), a music is born which all but suffocates whatever negative current one might be pervaded by in any given moment. An almost anesthetizing experience where the lo-fi quality of the recording does not hinder the flow. Geometries open to a plurality of individual intersections, remaining completely understandable even when slightly altered by slow sliding, as in the final track “The Daughter”. Musicians who discard useless accessories, refuse seclusion, use noise only when strictly necessary, look at their (and our) lives with a delicate smile. You can feel all of this in the sounds they emit; it’s not an insignificant gift.

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